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        DUNS CODE:724403543


              PA6 | Polyamide 6
              PA66 | Polyamide 66
              PBT/PET | Poly butylene terephthalate
              POM | Polyformaldehyde
              PPA | Polyphthalamide
              PPS | Polyphenylene Sulfide
              MPPO | M-Phenylene Oxide
              PC | Polycarbonate
              ABS | Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene
              PP | Polypropylene
              Alloy | PC/ABS,PC/PBT,PA/ABS,PA/PPO
        Products Center——PA66——66G5HX
        Glass fibre reinforced injection moulding grade for machinery components and housings of high stiffness and dimensional stability such as coil formers and bearing cages.

        Address:No.655-16 Minqiang Road, Xinqiao, Songjiang, 201612 Shanghai Tel:86-021-67697225   67697226   67697227 Fax:86-021-67697271
        Polystar Engineering Plastics (Shanghai) CO.,LTD.   http://www.polystar-china.com http://www.jwgcsl.com